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We’re always keeping our eyes peeled for experienced, ethical and friendly psychologists, mental health social workers or occupational therapists to join our team.

If you’re seeking an exceptional working experience we’d love to hear from you!

Here’s a little bit about us

Our Practice Director

Our practice director, Frances Bilbao, is a Clinical Psychologist. Frances is hands-on, responsive and dedicated to creating an ethical, client-centred practice where the team feels supported and valued. Frances is the 2020-2021 Allied Health Awards Psychologist of the Year for her establishment and operation of Mums Matter Psychology, a leading perinatal psychology practice with a social conscience. She is the winner of the 2021 Australian Psychological Society (APS) College of Clinical Psychology Significant Contribution Award, the 2019 APS Elaine Dignan Award and her team at Mums Matter Psychology, the 2020-2021 Allied Health Awards Adult Team of the Year, and 2022 Allied Health Awards Team Culture Excellence award. To read more about Frances, please head to our Supervision page.

Support Team

We have three caring and knowledgeable administrators who looks after our clients and team members. They take care of most reception and administration duties, leaving our clinicians to focus their time and energy on clients.


We have a constant stream of perinatal-specific referrals so our clinicians are never concerned about having a quiet calendar. At the same time though, we believe in balance and self-care, so we encourage our clinicians to take breaks from new referrals when they want or need to. Most of our referrals come from Maternal and Child Health Nurses, Midwives and General Practitioners. We are the preferred provider of private psychology services for Western Health Maternity Services. We partner with local councils to co-locate in their Maternal and Child Health rooms making secondary consult with nurses easy.

Our Clients

Our clients come with a range of presenting issues and from a variety of backgrounds, so we are lucky to be able to offer varied and rewarding clinical caseloads. Presentations stem from a variety of perinatal stages from conception through to early years parenting (up to 4 years) and include both mothers and fathers of any age.

Beautiful Family Oriented Spaces

We partner with local councils to co-locate in their Maternal and Child Health rooms if offering face-to-face appointments. To see pictures of our spaces visit the “locations” tab on our website. Alternatively, you may choose to work from rooms you already utilise for private practice if agreed. 

The rise of Telehealth due to COVID-19 also means many of our clinicians work from home in a confidential space.

Multiple and Flexible Locations

Due to our partnership arrangements with local councils, we are able to offer working from many different suburbs across Melbourne. We are able to open new locations or change locations at short notice. Please discuss any request for a particular location with the Director. Alternatively, you may choose to work from rooms you already utilise for private practice if agreed.

The rise of Telehealth due to COVID-19 also means many of our clinicians work from home in a confidential space.

Community and Supervision

We understand that private practice can be isolating, so in addition to support from our Director and Support Team, we facilitate individual peer supervision, group clinical supervision with both the Director and a Consultant Psychiatrist, team meetings, complimentary professional development evenings, and a monthly team newsletter. We also provide a comprehensive induction process for new team members. Although our clinicians work independently from a clinical perspective, we are fortunate to have a lovely sense of community and collaboration within our team. In-house Clinical Psychology Registrar and Psychology Internship supervision can be provided.

Attractive Benefits

We offer the most flexible working conditions you can ask for and a transparent, non-restrictive Independent Contractor arrangement. Our clinicians are able to complete their administrative work from anywhere (on-site or at home as long as there is an internet connection!) and can set any combination of days and working hours they choose. As above, we are able to open new locations or change locations at short notice. Please discuss any request for a particular location with the Director. Alternatively, you may choose to work from rooms you already utilise for private practice if agreed, or work from home providing Telehealth sessions. 

We are able to offer a steady stream of perinatal-specific referrals giving our clinicians to build solid and extended experience working with this client group. We offer perinatal-specific training and development and supervision helping our clinicians build their expertise in this area.

In-house Clinical Psychology Registrar or Psychology Internship supervision can be provided.

What our Clinicians Say About Working Here:

“I have been working at Mums Matter Psychology for 18 months.  During this time I have had the opportunity to engage in some of the most meaningful and professionally rewarding work in my career so far. Frances' passion for supporting women as they transition to motherhood, has created a practice that provides specialised psychological services to individuals where barriers like location and affordability may otherwise mean they would miss out.  As a leader Frances is kind, supportive, knowledgeable and engaging. As a member of the Mums Matter team you are encouraged to collaborate and team strengths are leveraged to support the development of the group and to help clients. The benefits of working at Mums Matter include flexibility in days of work, hours and location.  There is a steady stream of clinically relevant referrals, you are encouraged to work autonomously day to day but are supported by a centralised administration resource.  You have the additional flexibility to complete administration tasks remotely by accessing the very easy to use practice management tools online.  Your professional development is supported and tailored to your interest areas. I would highly recommend Mums Matter as an employer.”

Teresa Sartor, Psychologist

“I’ve been at Mums Matter since 2015. Frances has a warmth and sincerity of manner. She is very accessible, approachable and willing to assist, and she demonstrates compassion and creativity in her leadership. Importantly, Frances also ensures that all team members are kept up to date with relevant legal and ethical and requirements, which is very reassuring when working in private practice. Mums Matter provides opportunities to connect with other team members through regular peer supervision and professional development. At the same time, there is plenty of independence, flexibility and respect for the preferences of individual clinicians. I have found the clinical work at Mums Matter to be very rewarding. There is a steady stream of appropriate referrals, with a good range of presentations. I feel very lucky to be working here and I would highly recommend taking up a position at Mums Matter.”

Dr Kate Caldwell, Clinical Psychologist

“I started at Mums Matter in 2016 and feel honoured to work with such a skilful, passionate and committed cohort of mental health professionals. Frances is highly approachable, provides consistent and timely clinical and administrative support and believes strongly in healthy families and community development. Frances’ compassion is demonstrated often in the way she engages with clients, other professionals and myself. I have benefited greatly from high-quality individual and peer supervision sessions and internal professional development. Frances continues to support my professional development in many ways; particularly by giving me diverse opportunities to learn new skills. Frances’ leadership allows me to practise in a very supported manner, while also respecting my autonomy and clinical judgement. Her flexibility regarding sessions is unparalleled, and her responsiveness to feedback ensures I feel respected.  Clinically, the diverse range of steady referrals from the strong referral partnerships Mums Matter has means a range of presentations and therefore, new learning opportunities. “

Sarah van Ree, Psychologist

"I have been working at Mums Matter Psychology since July 2017. Frances is not only the Director of Mums Matter Psychology but also a very skilled and professional colleague from whom I thoroughly enjoy working with and for. She has taught me a great deal and has a wealth of knowledge in the perinatal field and is someone I very much admire. Frances is extremely supportive and always makes herself available to assist with any matters of concern, be it to provide peer support and supervision or with administrative and technical difficulties. She has created a cohesive team and there are regular opportunities for us to connect, to share knowledge and resources, and provide support to one another. Frances is always striving to provide opportunity for the work to be varied, such as co-facilitating therapy based groups and workshops as well as individual therapy sessions. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working at Mums Matter Psychology, and have found working with families in the perinatal period some of the most rewarding work I have undertaken."

Megan Mellington, Psychologist

“I have had the pleasure of working at at Mums Matter since early 2018, and would recommended taking up a position. Frances is a great leader. She is very approachable and is always willing to help. She has created a great work environment that offers clinician autonomy and a supportive team. I am grateful for the opportunity to work in a team of like-minded clinicians who are passionate about the supporting mothers and families. Coming together regularly for professional development and peer supervision is a highlight. I am also grateful for the steady stream of appropriate referrals and administrative support.”

Dr Maria Lambrou, Clinical Psychologist

“I’ve been an intern with Mums Matter since March 2019 and could not have asked for a better experience. I have been offered the perfect mix of independence and trust in my clinical skills, and supervision and support. I have consistently been treated as an equal, and the team and Frances have been interested and encouraging along the whole journey so far. I’ve had a number of client-facing opportunities in the role already, such as conducting initial phone consultations and running group workshops, and I look forward to commencing with a caseload after my maternity leave. The role is very flexible and comes with many “perks” as we are really valued. Frances has been an excellent secondary supervisor for me and I’m grateful for her flexible, knowledgeable and friendly support. Over and above all this however are our clients - I have really loved working with the clients we see at Mums Matter. I am hopeful I can continue to work at Mums Matter once I have completed my 5+1 requirements and am generally registered” 

Melanie Irons, Provisional Psychologist, Intern

We are interested in hearing from Clinical or General Psychologists, Mental Health Social Workers and Occupational Therapists who are interested in working with Mums Matter Psychology.

Your skills & experience will include:

  • AHPRA registration or relevant accredited association registration

  • Eligibility to provide Medicare services

  • Experience working with perinatal issues – or a keen interest in perinatal issues with well-developed general therapeutic skills

  • Professional and Public Indemnity Insurance

  • ABN

  • Ability to work independently and exercise initiative

  • Ability to use simple online systems including diary, clinical notes and email


If you are interested in discussing this opportunity, please contact Frances Bilbao (Director) at, or please apply now via this form.