What to expect

Have some questions? Our most frequently asked questions are answered here.

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You will develop a treatment plan and subsequent sessions will be spent working together on your goals.

Can I bring my baby or children?

You are welcome to bring your baby or children with you to the session. Our use of Maternal and Child Health centers means there are always toys available for their entertainment. Some mothers however do like to take this time as a reflective focused time so choose to arrange childcare during the session. Older children may also listen to things that you may not want them to be aware of. Please consider this when deciding who to bring along to your session.

How much do appointments cost?
Please see our fees page for full information about costs for appointments. We bulk-bill most of our appointments to ensure they are accessible to everyone. There is a once-off adminstration fee for your first appointment.
Other information

You are able to read through our psychology consent form prior to your session which outlines other important factors like confidentiality, communication and cancellation fees. Click here to read the form in advance of your session. 

We abide by the Australian Psychological Society Charter for Clients which you can read here.

Our full Privacy Policy can be read here.

Why should I consider seeing a perinatal psychologist or mental health professional?

For more information about seeing a perinatal trained psychologist or mental health professional please see our blog post here.
What is Telehealth and how could it help me?
For more information about telehealth please see our blog post here.
How long are appointments?

All appointments are scheduled for 50 minutes. You will be called in at your scheduled appointment time or with a very minimal wait time.

How often do I have to come?

Each person attending therapy will  have different needs. You will agree the frequency of your appointments with your psychologist in your first session and adjust this as necessary during your treatment. At the most frequent you would have weekly appointments. 

How long will I have to come for?

Each person attending therapy will  have different needs. You will discuss the number of sessions you require with your psychologist during your treatment. You are entitled to up to 10 Medicare bulk-billed sessions in a calendar year. You may pay privately for any further sessions in the year. 

What will we talk about?

In your first session, the psychologist will ask you some questions to understand your current situation and what assistance may be beneficial for you. This might include topics like:

  • What is currently bothering you – mood, sleep, eating patterns, behaviours, thoughts etc

  • Your medical and mental health history

  • Current medications

  • Substance use

  • Who your family and friends are and their relationship with you

  • Your living situation