About Mums Matter

Mums Matter is dedicated to providing accessible and affordable perinatal psychology services for all women who are  feeling emotionally or mentally challenged by the transition to parenthood.





We partner with Brimbank City CouncilHobson's Bay City Council, and Maribyrnong City Council Maternal and Child Health Services and Sunshine Hospital to provide integrated and holistic care through your perinatal journey. We offer bulk billing (no out of pocket expense) to ensure those who need help the most are able to access our services.



Our Purpose

Whether it’s a hard day or a hard month or a hard year, whether you can’t get your baby to sleep through the night or your preschooler to poop on the toilet, whether you’ve been doubting every parenting decision you’ve ever made and feel like the world's worst mother today – It's not just you. We hear these stories each and everyday and can relate, empathize, and understand.

Frances Bilbao (Clinical Psychologist and Director) created Mums Matter Psychology in 2015 to help mothers make sense of and cope with their experiences like:

  • Feeling completely unqualified to be a grown-up, let alone a parent;

  • Feeling like they have absolutely no idea what their doing;

  • Crying themselves to sleep at night because their child was hurt or scared or in trouble and they didn’t know how to help or couldn’t help or thought that maybe this once they shouldn’t help;

  • Sitting in the bathroom for five, ten, fifteen minutes pretending to be pooping while scrolling though Facebook or texting their BFF about the pain that is toddlerhood;

  • Hiding in the car or pretending to fold laundry or taking an extra-long time sorting socks just for a few minutes alone;

  • Wondering how it’s possible to love your child with all your heart while not liking them very much;

  • Wanting to ditch their family to spend a night or two or three in a hotel by themselves, ordering room service and watching Netflix the entire time;

  • Feeling frustrated or annoyed or angry that their kid is THAT kid and wondering why everything has to be so hard;

  • Regretting having kids – if only for a moment – only to immediately be consumed by guilt for having that thought, however fleeting, in the first place;

  • Wondering why they went to university only to clean boogers and wipe butts and refer to themselves in the third person;

  • Resenting their husband or child or both;

  • Wondering what their life would have looked like without kids.

Please know that IT’S NOT JUST YOU. These experiences are normal but can be distressing and at times, having someone on the outside to reflect with and make sense of all this can be useful.

We want all women to experience meaning and fulfillment in motherhood. Evidence-based psychological therapy can help move you toward:

  • Feeling excited about your future again

  • Feeling connection and enjoyment with your child

  • Feeling confident that you can manage what life throws your way

  • Regaining a sense of identity

  • Improving your relationships and communication

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