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About Mums Matter Psychology

Mums Matter is dedicated to providing accessible and affordable perinatal psychology services for all women who are feeling emotionally or mentally challenged by the transition to parenthood.

Our Purpose


Frances Bilbao (Clinical Psychologist and Director) created Mums Matter Psychology in 2015 with the aim of helping all women experience meaning and fulfillment in motherhood, as well as a positive relationship with their child.

We aim to make services ACCESSIBLE and AFFORDABLE to everyone.

To do this we partner with local council Maternal & Child Health centres and Maternity Hospitals to offer services from family friendly rooms close to your home and offer TELEHEALTH so you can access services from anywhere. 


And, we offer bulk billing under Medicare (no out of pocket expense) so you can afford to seek help.

We provide individual and group therapy through a team of specially trained perinatal mental health clinicians who hear stories of motherhood each and everyday and an empathsise and understand. They have special training in working with you on common emotional and mental health issues experienced in pregnancy and early parenthood.

Evidence-based psychological therapy can help move you toward:

  • Feeling excited about your future again

  • Feeling connection and enjoyment with your child

  • Feeling confident that you can manage what life throws your way

  • Regaining a sense of identity

  • Improving your relationships and communication

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