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Kickstarter Group for Postnatal Depression and Anxiety 

This is a 3-week group devoted to helping you kickstart your mental health in the postnatal period. It is based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) which is the recommended, first-line treatment for perinatal anxiety and depression.

Dates: Friday mornings from 8th November 2019 - 22nd November 2019

Time: 10am - 12pm

Location: Newport Community Hub Program Room 3 (13/15 Mason St Newport)

Cost: $20 administration fee upon registration. A $20 cancellation fee per non-attended session applies.

Who will find this group useful?

You may find this group useful if you have been experiencing problematic levels of worry, persistent anxiety, and/or periods of low mood and depression. This is a great first step to starting treatment before attending individual therapy sessions.


What will we cover?

  • About Anxiety and Depression – Learn about your own symptoms of anxiety and depression, and learn how to deal with the physical symptoms of anxiety and depression.

  • Identifying unhelpful thoughts and dealing with uncertainty – Learn to identify and confront the thought symptoms of anxiety and depression, and how to cope using Thought Challenging and Structured Problem Solving.

  • Tackling unhelpful behaviours and building confidence – Learn to challenge unhelpful behaviours associated with anxiety and depression using Graded Exposure and Activity Planning, and learn how to build your confidence and keep getting better!


What can I expect?

  • This will be a confidential, interactive seminar comprised of short educational components, group discussions, and experiential exercises. 

  • You'll be asked to practice some skills at home and do some brief reading between meetings.

  • You will be expected to do your best to attend all 3 meetings.

  • Maximum group size is 12 participants

  • In order for you to participate fully, children are best to stay at home