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Balancing the needs of more than one child (Webinar)

Balancing the needs of more than one child (Webinar)

How does respectful care work when we have more than one child?

What can we do when siblings, multiples, and other groups of children seem to need our attention all at once? Presented in partnership with Maribyrnong City Council, this online session is suitable for anyone with more than one child in their family, and will focus on current research, practical strategies and information including:

  • Common difficulties managing the needs of more than one child

  • Attachment styles and interplay between siblings including sibling rivalry

  • Common patterns related to birth order

  • Strategies for respectful care for the whole family

There will also be time for questions.

Date: Thursday 26th October

Time: 7:30pm-9pm

Location: Zoom Webinar

Cost: FREE (thanks to the Maribyrnong City Council)

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