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Tristen O'Loughlin

Counselling Student

Tristen is a Counselling student in her final stages of completing her Masters of Counselling.

Tristen has a long standing passion for caring for women and families in the perinatal period. Tristen has over 20 years experience working as a clinical midwife and educator and recently commencing a peer support volunteer role with PANDA.

Tristen is warm and friendly in her approach. Tristen recognises the perinatal period as a time of immense highs and challenges and that parental mental health support can provide huge benefits to the whole family unit as we learn to adapt to this chapter of our lives.

Tristen is the mum to three beautiful children whom she feels have cemented her passion for learning, and to providing supportive mental health support. Tristen is interested in working with parents in the perinatal period to provide client centred support that is practical and supportive.

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