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Giselle Merlino

Relationship Counsellor: Altona, Newport, Telehealth

Grad Dip Applied Science, Master of Nursing, Master of Counselling, Master of Social Work

Giselle is a qualified counsellor and Social Worker, registered Maternal and Child Health Nurse and Midwife. She has specialist training in relationship counselling. She is a full member of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia and the Australian Association of Social Workers. Giselle has worked for Relationship Matters, CoHealth and Relationships Australia in the capacity of a counsellor and various council and health organisations as a nurse and midwife.

Giselle provides an authentic experience of being heard and understood in a safe environment. She has counselled individuals, couples and parents who may be experiencing a range of emotions, which include; depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties and other life challenges. She is passionate about listening to people and adapting her counselling practice to best suit and support their needs. The core elements of her work are informed by compassion, respect and advocacy. She supports the recovery, wellbeing and healing processes of individuals and couples.

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