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Toddler Sleep: Now I'm in a Big Bed (Workshop/Forum)

So its time to say good bye to the cot and graduate to the big person bed. Will this change the way your toddler sleeps? When toddlers don’t sleep well, eating, relationships and behavior can be adversely affected and the wheels can feel like they are falling off.  Let’s look closely at how much sleep your toddler needs and what we can do to ensure they get their quota.

In this once-off 1.5 hour event, Louise Shalders educates you about the sleep needs of toddlers and strategies to improve sleep. .

The same event will run on a Tuesday evening and a Saturday morning for you to choose the most suitable.

Date/Time 1:  Tuesday 18th September 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Date/Time 2Saturday 22nd September 9:30am - 11:00am (Cancelled)

Location: Sunshine Maternal and Child Health Centre (31A Alexandra Ave Sunshine)

Cost:  $30 per person

Your partners are also welcome to attend the event. Please book for 2 people if your partner is also attending. Children are also welcome - please consider your own ability to absorb information while attending to your child's needs.

Louise Shalders

Louise is an Early Parenting & Infant Health Consultant, who operates a private practice throughout Victoria. She has many years of experience working with families who are experiencing parenting challenges, including infant sleep and settling concerns, breast or bottle feeding issues and general childhood dietary needs, perinatal mental health disorders, toddler and preschool behaviour challenges … the list goes on.


Louise has qualifications in nursing, paediatrics, midwifery, maternal & child health, perinatal & infant mental health and is currently studying a degree in naturopathy.


As a consequence, Louise is sort after for student lecturing, speaking engagements, parent education sessions and mentoring.

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