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Returning to Work (Webinar)

Returning to Work (Webinar)

This 1.5 hour webinar is appropriate for women returning to work after maternity leave, and those looking to enter or re-skill after a period away from paid work.

In Australia, women often provide their services as primary caregiver to children, and household manager for their family. At some point, many women face decisions around the future of their working life and uncertainty about what it will mean for their family. Returning to work can often come with a range of emotional responses, including guilt and anticipation, as well as many practical problems to solve.

During this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How the experience of returning to work can differ between women

  • Ways to deal with changing emotions as you prepare to re-enter the workforce

  • How to foster positive experiences with your children through this period of change

  • Strategies to help you settle back into a work life balance with self-compassion and persistence

There will be time for questions throughout.

Date: Wednesday 20th March 2024

Time: 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Cost:  FREE thanks to the Yarra City Council

Presenter: Carlie Spinks (Psychologist) and Frances Bilbao (Clinical Psychologist, Director)

Where: ZOOM Webinar

This webinar will be recorded and available to registrants after the event if you cannot attend.

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