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Infant Sleep and Settling Workshop (4 - 12 months)

Infant Sleep and Settling Workshop (4 - 12 months)

Is your little one struggling to sleep? Are you feeling frustrated and exhausted? Are you worried about sleep training and which method to use? Are you worried about the impact of any sleep training on your little one's emotional development? 

When a baby doesn’t sleep well, the whole household suffers. Establishing good sleep habits early can stop sleep problems before they start. 

In this once-off 1.5 hour event (including Question & Answer), Stephanie Rea will help parents to:

Understand how their baby sleeps as they move on from the newborn phase of their development and gain a new sense of awareness of their surroundings. 

Find out what sleep patterns are common, night feeding needs, and how to create an environment that is conducive for sleep. 

Discover what circumstances make it hard for babies to achieve a restful sleep, and realistic expectations of how much sleep can be expected during this period of ever changing physical and emotional growth. 

Be able to distinguish and respond to the different emotional needs of your baby, sleepy signs, over- tired cues, frustration and even anger. 

There will be opportunities in the workshop to share experiences with others, problem solve and to ask questions. 

Date/Time: TBC

Location: Zoom 

Cost: $40 per person 

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