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Elli Tamir

Clinical Psychologist: Malvern East and Telehealth

B.Social Science (Psychology), B. Applied Science (Psychology Honours), Master of Psychology (Clinical)

Elli is a caring and supportive Clinical Psychologist with a particular interest in
perinatal mental health. She supports people facing a range of challenges during
this sensitive stage of life, including difficulty conceiving, mental health
concerns during pregnancy, high self-criticism, relationship difficulties, and
parenting-related concerns. Elli is passionate about helping people understand
their own emotional needs, so they feel better placed to nurture themselves and
their relationships.

Elli creates a warm, safe space for people to develop a deeper understanding of
themselves and greater self-compassion. She draws on a range of therapeutic
approaches to support her clients depending on their individual needs, including
Schema Therapy, Compassion Focused-Therapy (CFT), Acceptance and
Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). She has
also completed training in perinatal mental with the Centre of Perinatal
Excellence (COPE) and the Centre for Perinatal Psychology.

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