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Kirrilee Bevan

Mental Health Social Worker: Telehealth

B. Social Work (Honours), Master of Social Work Advanced Practice

Kirrilee is an Accredited Mental Health Social Work Practitioner who is registered with the Australian Association of Social Worker (AASW). Working in various settings in both public and private sectors.

Kirrilee is a passionate social work practitioner providing evidence-based therapeutic interventions that are underpinned by core values of dignity, empathy, respect, and aims to create a safe and empowering environment for individuals to work collaboratively.

Her practice framework incorporates various treatment modalities and theoretical understandings to support mothers in treatment. Kirrilee has experience supporting individuals and the ecology to address interpersonal issues, trauma, grief and loss, mood disorders, anxiety and behavioural issues that may be impacting on their daily functioning.

Kirrilee understands by providing therapeutic interventions that are tailored to women and their families this can support sustainable and positive treatment outcomes.

Lived experiences shape people’s perspectives and view of the world and becoming a mother and parent can be both challenging and extremely rewarding, which is why it is crucial that both mum and family members needing extra support feel comfortable to do so.

Kirrilee has completed perinatal specific training with the Centre of Perinatal Excellence and the Maternal Mental Health Intensive course through the Selini Institute.

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