Jessica Heller-Bhatt

Psychologist: Telehealth

Jessica Heller-Bhatt is a Registered Psychologist and student of Clinical Psychology. She specialises in the assessment of the relationship between parents and their infants/toddlers. Jessica’s training background maintains her focus on understanding relational dynamics to formulate treatment plans that address the specific and highly individual needs of parents and their children. The assessment process used entails important early developmental life factors that have contributed to clients becoming the women/men, mothers/fathers they are today. Jessica is experienced in the work with individuals and with families facing a varied set of difficulties, such as mental health issues, intimate partner violence, financial struggles and substance/alcohol misuse. She feels passionate about supporting parents who, at times, cannot manage to be safe-enough caregivers to their children, despite their best intentions and efforts. She advocates for an understanding of client dysfunction as an attempt to gain comfort and safety from the people around them and as a sign of extraordinary personal resilience. Jessica’s qualifications in trauma-specific interventions add to her rich treatment repertoire.

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